Sunday, March 11, 2018

CAV Fuel Filter Housing Revisited

This is the bane of my existence. This is a 90 degree connector and I needed just one straight adapter. One end is 5/16 (1/2x20 thread) SAE 45-degree flare, the other end is O-ring boss with 1/2 x 20 thread. Not NPT. Not 37-degree flare. Not inverted flare. If I found a website with O-ring boss male adapters they either did not have the correct sized ends or the flare was 37-degree.
Figure B
Was it easy to acquire?
Sure. As easy as putting a half pound of butter in a tigers ear in a dark basement with a hot needle(Sir P.G. Wodehouse).
Yes, it was that easy. In fact I never sourced one.

In October of 1999, I replaced the original CAV fuel filter housing with an AC T-95 spin on filter housing. It was supposed to make changing the filter easier and priming the fuel system easier as well by allowing the filling of the filter with fuel prior to installation.

The filter housing had 2 In and 2 Out ports, one output I used as a bleed port. I have no idea where I got the fittings, but all hoses connected to the filter housing via four 90 degree connectors shown above, see Figure B, B for Bane.

For some reason after changing the Glow Plugs in November, the fuel system developed an air leak and when trying to bleed through the top port of the filter, things only got worse. That port would not stop leaking.
 So out with the new
 and in with the old.

I returned to the original CAV Filter housing. I used a Union Nut (RN (Rovers North) PLQ637) and olive (RN 530966) to connect a 1/4" hard line to the Filter port. The other side of the hard line eventually terminated in a SAE male flare.
I used a funnel to fill the filter via the top port (where the banjo is) prior to purging the fuel lines of air. Saves on many manual pumps of the fuel pump.
 This is the Banjo Bolt (RN part 563195) on the #4 Injector Nozzle Spill Rail. The previous bolt was rounded and I had problems separating the hose adapter from the banjo bolt. I also ordered a spare banjo bolt for the other injectors (RN273521) in case I wanted to omit the hose from the filter to #4 injector. I had read that on later/earlier 2.25 diesels this was not used, but could not find a second verifiable source, so I kept it. I had already made a new hose for this connection. The new banjo bolt washers were (RN 273069)

 After plumbing all the lines, after filling the filter with diesel, after starting to purge the system of air, I noticed the hose to the injector pump was leaking at the injector end. So I decided to replace more hoses. Of course the fittings were different for both hoses on the Injector pump.

   Filter to #4 Injector      = 3/16" hose   banjo to flare  1 foot in length
   Filter to Injector Pump = 1/4" hose     flare to flare    1.5 foot in length
   Injector Pump to Filter = 5/16" hose   flare to flare    2 foot in length

After replacing the hoses and another round of purging, starting the engine was to be next, but was not to be. The battery decided not to cooperate.
Charged the battery while lunch was consumed and about an hour later the engine started right up.  I let it idle for more than the legal limit and then stopped it and restarted it. Hope it starts tomorrow. A new battery will be a project for next weekend.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Past Trip: Ice Academy Arjeplog, Sweden 2018

We received an Email from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) about an Ice Driving experience in Sweden and 2 days later we were booked.

Sunday, February 11
Woke early because I do, transferred Dame Maggie to "Camp". Got back to the estate on time and left for the airport at 2PM.  Our flight from Newark to Stockholm was on SAS 904. It was a disappointing flight due to a plane change and wrong seats and no WiFi and no video screens, only iPads with a disappointingly small video selection and a broken reading light. Slight arrival delay on the tarmac due to deicing fluids at plane parking space. Arrived Monday morning, I did not get any sleep.
Day 1:
Monday, February 12
    Spent 4 hours in the SAS Lounge in Terminal 5.
 The spiral staircase was a good landmark, but a bad choice after too much time without sleep.
The next leg of our trip was from Stockholm to Arvidsjaur on NextJet 2N596 out of Terminal 3. This was across the airport and through SkyCity, an easy 10-15 minute walk. The flight was delayed an hour. Concerns about our luggage being loaded onto the plane dissolved once we realized the plane we expected to fly out on was not our plane at all. We arrived Arvidsjaur in the dark and landed on a snow covered runway.
 Arty arrival photo at Arvidsjaur Airport. Not as cold as expected.
 We were met in the airport by a JLR representative and we were driven to the hotel in a LR Discovery sport. The drive to Arjeplog and the hotel was 1.5 hours.
We arrived at night, but this was the entrance to the hotel in the day.
 This was the front entrance, but our group had our own special secret entrance.
There was another driving group at the hotel driving Maseratis.
This was our entrance and the Tipi were we could hang out and relax.

So we arrived at the hotel around 6:45PM Monday night and were greeted by more JLR staff.
Our room (533) was clean and we had presents awaiting us. Mugs and a heavy picture book of what the experience should be. We had a short time to get ready for the 7:15PM meeting followed by dinner. Dinner was a 3 course affair and all the food was very good.
Day 2:
February 13, 2018
 The vehicles waiting for us at the hotel for the first trip to the Lake House. The drive was probably 10 to 15 minutes. The guests drove to the lake following a lead driver and were trailed by another JLR driver.
We were met each morning by Bond Villain henchmen at the Lake House.
Normally there are 30 students in the Ice Academy, but we only had 12, so there were 3 groups of 4 people with 2 people to a car. Each Group had 2 instructors and a recovery driver. Every day we drove 3 different cars. Day 2 we drove Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar and Jaguar F-PACE, day 3 we drove Range Rover Velar, Jaguar F-PACE and the Jaguar V6 RWD F-Type and on day 4 we drove the Jaguar F-PACE, V6 RWD F-Type and the V8 550 HP AWD F-type. Both F-types had non street legal studded tires.
 Except for the F-Types, I believe all the vehicles were diesel.  Oh, and we always left the cars running.

At the lake we did three driving stints in the morning and then 3 more driving stints after lunch. There were also coffee breaks and a very good, very large lunch. The days felt long and we did learn a lot.
The Lake House had a map of the courses out on the Ice.
On Day 2 we drove on Dynamic Platform 1 and 2 around orange traffic cones to learn the maneuvers. In the cold the cones tended to shatter. There were plenty of pieces that some poor worker needed to pick up at the end of the day. In the afternoon we graduated to the Slalom course.
 Here we are at the Drift Circle with the Lake House in the background for an idea how large the lake is.

Day 3:
February 14, 2018
More driving today, but no more cone courses, real driving circuits and the V6 F-Types were added today. Handling Circuit 3 was added in the afternoon and it was so long that it never seemed to end. It had a straightaway which was the only relaxing section of the whole course.
It was a large lake.
We had a trip to the Testing facility this day, no cameras allowed. There were various cars in camoflage and hills designed to test traction control. The quick tour was quite interesting. There was to be an off-road excursion, but a leader had gotten stuck so that was cancelled.

Day 4:
February 15, 2018
We drove the V8s today. They had a lot of power, but I preferred the rear wheel drive F-Type. We covered the same curcuits, but started taking them the opposite direction. Over the course of trip we both only needed to be extracted from the snow twice.
V6 F-types in the foreground, V8s in the background.

At the end of the last day everyone was driven in the V8 F-Type by one of the professional drivers on Handling circuit 3. It was called a Customer Hot Lap and it was quite something. When we were driving you wondered how much faster could someone go and much faster was the answer.

 The sight you were met with at the end of the day upon return to the Hotel, our Tipi, reserved only for the Ice Academy guests. You could relay and get a drink or review you day and have a laugh.
Dinners were at 7 and were 3 courses and not a course was bad.
 On the last night, dinner was at another Tipi, we were driven by bus and had traditional foods including moose and reindeer sausages and moose hearts and a very good pea and spinach soup. The main instructors were there and it was nice to socialize with them.

The only bad luck we had was cloud cover at night, so no Northern Lights were seen. Other than that it was a great trip.

Day 5: Trip to the Arctic Circle. 
February 16, 2018
There were 5 of us on the self driving trip to the Arctic circle, 3 Range Rover Sports and our 2 chaperones each driving a Discovery. Passed this sign many times during our stay.
  Most signs were partially or fully snow covered.
  Normal sight on the way to the Arctic Circle. Lots of lakes and more houses than I expected. If a house was painted, the color would have been barn red, light blue or light yellow. No other colors were seen out in the country.
Houses at the end of the road.
 The outhouse at the end of the world.
Way easier to get to than the Antarctic Circle.
We were provided a bagged lunch and arrived back at the Hotel around noon.
We hung out in the Tipi till our ride back to Arvidsjaur Airport.

Arvidsjaur to Stockholm on NextJet 2N593
The flight had a quick stopover, but no problems getting to Stockholm. Once at the Stockholm airport we had to find the bus to the Airport hotel which was quite difficult in the dark. Luck was on our side and we just made the bus and got to our hotel in less than 10 minutes. The room was small, but it was just for one night. Dinner was a smorgasbord and cost almost as much as the room.

Saturday, February 17
No problems today, bus back to airport, spent some time in the SAS Lounge and caught the flight from Stockholm to Newark on SAS 903. A much better flight, got the seats we wanted and watched a few movies.

Once home we picked up the dog from "Camp" and drove home in a snowstorm utilizing the skills learned while at Ice Academy Sweden.

Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Recap

2017 seems to have been a light year

Things Done:
  • Family Christmas Gathering mit viel schnee
  •  Flagship Brewery, stopped in to write Post Cards to our so-called representatives.
  • Zion Fair with Car Show, NY
  • Eldest's Wedding Anniversary Party at Blue, NY
  • Stone Crop Garden Alpine Plant Sale, NY
  • Bear Mountain Perkins Overlook, NY
  • British Car Day at  Red Mill Museum Village, NJ
  • 9th Annual Polish Festival at Snug Harbour, NY
  • Travis Parade 
  • Le Tour
  • Started replacing Lump's right side frame
  • Trip to California, LA to SF and back, PCH2017.
  • A play, In and Of itself, NYC
  • WestFest, NYC
  •  Really replaced Lump's right sideframe.
  • A Full House Thanksgiving
  • A Family Wedding at The Imperia
  • Changed Lump's glow plugs.
  • Vickie and Nickie's Holiday Sleigh Ride, The Duplex, NYC
  • Local Tree Lighting
  • Terracotta Warriors, Franklin Institute, Philly 
  • King Solomon Hicks Quartet at Shanghai Jazz, NJ
Of the Plans for 2017, not much happened to plan.
  • Hydrangea did bloom this year, so it stayed
  • Did not remove Red Twig Dogwood
  • Grew hops, harvested hops, smelled hops, yup Hoppy.
  • Rebuilt the Compost enclosure.
  • shifted garden beds to make room for drainage pipes, still need leveling
  • Planted 120 cloves of garlic, October 28.  11 large heads and 5 small heads.
  • Of the possible additions from the Garden Plans, this was the only new addition plant added, a new Coral Bell.
 Lost a bunch of plants in 2017, some from the winter and some just didn't make it through the year.

Beers in the Fridge:
Posted on 38 beers last year. Not counting any duplicates or beers I usually purchase. So as a rough estimate, last year I may have drank somewhere around 14(38*4*12/128) to 21(38*6*12/128) gallons of beer.
(a beer*beersPerPack*ozPerBeer/ozPerGallon)

Good food and good times had in 2017:
Most memorable drink of 2017, a Bourbon Brulee at Embers Restaurant in Arroyo Grande, CA
Most memorable bar of 2017, Smugglers Cove Rum Bar, San Francisco.

Friday, December 22, 2017

2017 Books

This year's book list. The (r) denotes a repeat read and suffice to say, it was a good read. A * means it was more than noteworthy and more *s mean it was much more betterer, DNF = Bad or a better book turned up that I couldn't wait to read and I didn't get back to it yet.

More Inspector Maigret books read this year and started reading Anne Holt's books out of order.
  1. Maigret Gets Angry***, Georges Simenon(GS); 3 stars yet I don't remember the story line. Penguin is republishing his Inspector Maigret books, a list is here.
  2. Maigret's Dead Man, GS
  3. Pogue's Basic Money, David Pogue 
  4. A Complaint Free Life, Will Bowen; It was too long, the font was hard to read, the pages felt scratchy, too many words strung together.
  5. A Share in Death, Deborah Crombie
  6. The Thinking Life, P.M. Forni; rebrowsed in August.
  7. Maigret's First Case ***, GS
  8. India Black and the Widow of Windsor, Carol K. Carr
  9.  Pushing up Daisies, MC Beaton; An Agatha Raisin novel. She also writes the Hamish Macbeth series.
  10. Secret Life of Fat **, Sylvia Tara; very interesting well written book and amazing how deviousfat is. 
  11. Gently Does It, Alan Hunter; from the Inspector George Gently series
  12. Red Harvest, Dashiell Hammet; This should be made into a movie. He also wrote The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man novels and wrote screen plays for the Thin Man series, some unpublished. I read The return of the Thin Man in 2014 which included screenplays for 2 more Thin Man movies staring Nick and Nora Charles. Some interesting stage directions.
  13. By Its Cover**, Donna Leon; Book thefts in Venice, quite good.
  14. Gently Down the Stream, Alan Hunter
  15. Maigret's Holiday, GS
  16. My Friend Maigret, GS
  17. Maigret at the Coroners, GS
  18. Maigret and the Old Lady, GS
  19. Dog on It, Spencer Quinn; A Chet and Bernie mystery. We see things from Chet the dog's viewpoint.
  20. Silver Swan, Benjamin Black
  21. Madam Maigret's Friend**, GS; The most Maigret's wife is heard from in his books so far.
  22. The Lion's Mouth, Anne Holt
  23. Maigret's Memoirs, GS; Not as good as the others.
  24. Travels With My Aunt(r), Graham Greene; Yes it returned this summer and it was plenty good, no humbug.
  25. Maigret at Picratts, GS
  26. Zero Hour, Clive Cussler; Dirk Pitt or Kurt Austin, I can't remember. Whoever it was, saved the day and definitely didn't die.
  27. Cannery Row, Steinbeck; DNF
  28. Hard Rain**, Barry Eisler; Number 2 in the series, now titled "A Lonely Ressurection"
  29. Maigret Takes a Room, GS
  30. Don't Try This At Home, DNF
  31. Why we Eat What We Eat; DNF
  32. The Name of the Rose, Umberto Ecco; Good book but way too wordy. Could have bee pared down easily by 100 pages. He died in 2016 at the age of 84, obit  from NY Times. He wrote some other book, maybe I will bring one on our next vacation.
  33. Dead Joker, Anne Holt; Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen's life seems to be falling apart, yet she figures it out in the end.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Tables of Thanksgiving Past

Thanksgiving Tables over the years.
The weather changes, guest counts change, paint and rug and dogs all change, yet the table cloths persevere.
I am missing some photos because the 2011 Thanksgiving table photos had people in it and I did not feel like getting all the permissions, I did not find a 2013 photo and the digital camera was not invented prior to 2009.  In 2016, the dining room furniture was rearranged with the sideboard and rectangular table trading places. Makes for more room and easier setup.

Guest Beers in the Fridge:
Got these from a friend from his northern travels.
Only tried the Pilsner so far and it was very good, clean and crisp and enjoyable. I may have tried the Whale's tale, but can't be certain.
A very nice Kolsch.

Beers in the Fridge:
Boddingtons Pub Ale (4.7% ABV) has a widget insert so you get to watch the bubbles settle out like a waterfall. Makes me feel like I'm in the UK when I drink this. Owned by AB InBev, no information provided on their website. A frequent visitor to the fridge.
The Hoffbrau Winter Spezial (8.4% ABV) is very malty, a bit hoppy, but doesn't seem like it is 8.4%. Liked it but, will try something else next time I'm looking for winter brews.
Young's Double Chocolate Stout also has a widget insert. 5.2% ABV. Very nice. A seasonal favorite.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

RNA1057 Glow Plug Upgrade Kit

Week 44, Christmas decorations and ads have already started. Too soon I say.

Replaced glow plugs on Lump over the weekend. These are used to pre-heat diesel engine cylinders prior to starting in cold weather. I used an Upgrade kit RNA1057 from Rovers North. I meant to start with the hardest first, but I wanted to make sure the replacements would actually fit so I changed the easiest one first. The old glow plugs were wired in series, so if any went bad, none would operate, whereas the new glow plugs operate in parallel, so if one goes bad the remainder continue to operate. That is, until all fail.
 I also replaced the ballast resister for the glow plugs. I was expecting it to have been attached to the bulkhead with bolts, which meant I would have had to open up the dash, but it was just screws. Was very happy about that. The directions that came with the conversion kit said the ballast resistor still gets used. Diagram was not clear which terminal the new plugs were to be connected to. I later brushed liquid electricial tape on the terminal connectors of the connecting wires to keep the wire ends from corroding.
 The old glow plugs required a different socket than the new ones and I did not have that size. I had a wrench that fit, but not enough clearance to use it on 2 of the four glow plugs. So now I have a brand new 18mm socket. FYI, most of the old glow plug center terminals broke off while trying to remove the old connecting wires.
With the old glow plugs the light would be dim and at some point it stopped being lit at all. Now it is really bright. The light is wired across the ballast resistor which means that the resistor and the glow plugs are acting as a voltage divider circuit. I am not sure of the operating voltage of the glow plugs so I will have to call Rovers North for their guidance.

Current Blooms:
There seems to be a deficit of blooms at this time, I'll have to rectify that situation. Some of the Heather will bloom soon, but that is all apart from the roses. Not that much interesting foliage either, just the cyclamen.

Beers in the Fridge:
This Guinness (4.2 % ABV) does not have the widget inside, but it is not bad, though I prefer the cans with the widget. I like to watch the bubbles dancing in the glass.
Picked up this hefeweizen (UFO Raspberry 4.8% ABV), but was really looking for Harpoon Flannel Friday. Both brewed at the same place. Maybe I'll find some this week.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Fall Arrives Late

Just starting to feel like fall. Only noticed this week the trees changing color at work and last weekend there started to be some leaves collecting in the yard.

Land Rover Sideframe Update
 Out with the bad and in with the new, all bolts tightened. Not a bad paint match. Still need to add the door weatherstripping.
Good as new and back on the street.

Current Blooms:
Doing yard cleanup today so maybe I'll run across more blooms to photograph.

Beers in the Fridge:
RauchBier: Smokey beers, drank these a day apart and could not tell the difference between them. Both dark, both on the sweet side, but not too much, malty and smokey. Sort of what I imagine a boilermaker using Laphroaig would taste like.
Marzen 5.1% ABV 30 IBU, Urbock 6.5%ABV 40 IBU
Brewed by Smoked Beer Brewery Schlenkerla in Bamberg, Germany about 2.5 hours from Munich by train.
They serve food and beer, copied from their website "The opening hours all year: daily 9:30 til 23:30 hours, warm meals from 12 til 22 hours, morning pint starting at 9:30 hours(Yes please, my comment), beer garden in the Dominikanerhof open weather permitting from Easter til early October."
The brewing process is described here.