Sunday, September 25, 2016

Series Land Rover Door Tops

The door tops on Lump were getting rusty and spewing rust flakes all over the seats and occupants when slamming the doors. As replacements, we purchased Aluminum door tops from Rocky Mountain Products in Vancouver. Jeremy was very helpful both pre and post sales, the doors looked and worked great and the fit was perfect.

Installation was a breeze; undo 2 nuts, lift the old tops off, clean up the capping on the door bottom, lay down the new rubber gasket, drop in the new door top. Easie peasie.

I think the parabolic springs we installed on Lump in 1998 came from this company, but we purchased the springs through a company now out of service.


I had previously got a spare door(minus glass) from a fellow Rover owner, but when I test installed the door top on my door bottom, it didn't close properly.
I also had previously tried to slow down the march of rust with conventional rust primer, it worked better on the drivers door as can be seen in the photo, but probably should have used POR-15.

 The door tops are anodized and can be left unpainted or painted to match the rover.
 Front window latch, the original door tops had a fixed front window pane.
Rear window latch.

I took off the homemade door panels to check for rust and I found some. The passenger side panel had gotten wet and I was planning on spraying it with bed liner, but it was too far gone. I did spray the drivers's side panel and it looks fine. The panels I had made of lauan plywood and covered with poly, which did not provide enough protection.

Next up I will have to treat any rust areas found and then hit them with POR-15.

Current Blooms:
It's the tail end of the Phlox, Hostas and Summer blooming heaths and heather. The St Michaelmas Daisy is blooming, but we definitely need some more fall blooms around the place.
The vegetable garden is mostly empty except for one squash plant with possibly 2 or 3 more squash. It's a race against the frost, heat came up for the first time today. Garlic will go in the ground soon.
A lavender I planted in the spring didn't make it through the heat wave.
Was pruning a few weeks ago and ran into this. I had tied up a branch and forgot about it.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Things to Do

Accumulated this list over time on various sheets of paper, now I can throw the sheets away

Brewery Tours/Tastings - Beer Festivals
Outdoors: organized hikes, trail listings, trail crews

Labor Day Weekend

Had thoughts of taking Friday off, but waited too long and something came up.

This was the sky from the parking lot at work Friday morning.
That was the best part of the day, other than when I left.

Saturday we took our bikes into Manhattan via the ferry and rode up to 70th street on the Westside Greenway, a separated bike/Rollerblade path. It is located between the Westside Highway and the pedestrian paths that run along the water. See Map here and here is a pdfMap. It was a bit tricky finding the start of the greenway from the ferry, but we followed a biker who seemed to know where they were going. The path got congested around the 40s, but there were 2 cruise ships docked. Otherwise it was a great ride, no cars to deal with just a few surly pedestrians. Saw many interesting buildings which I did not get photos of. Just this giant record turntable.

Here is that Lady in the harbor welcoming immigrants, for now anyway. 
The poem "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus which is displayed in the Pedestal will have to change if Trump is elected. I do not believe he cares about anyone other than himself.

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Our Harbor Escort. We had the Coastguard follow the ferry both ways, we guess because of the holiday.

 A paddle wheeler, never saw this boat in the harbor before.

Sunday turned out to be a terrific day,  much different from what was predicted.

Beers in the Fridge:
 Kept looking for more Shandys over the summer, but only picked up the Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy shown below. It was very good, almost too much lemon taste, but refreshing. They had a Grapefruit Shandy and a Grapefruit IPA and I am sure I would not like either. The Lemon Shandy beats out the Sam Adams Porch Rocker, which tasted artificial. The Sam Adams Pilsner was very refreshing as well, but I doubt I would find it again, they have quite the collection of beers that they brew.
Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy. 4.4% ABV 7 IBUs
Samuel Adams Downtime Pilsner. 5.0% ABV 30 IBUs

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Made a minor purchase yesterday and then went to Chef's Central in North New Jersey. Picked up some Cherry Bitters and molds for spherical ice cubes. The final product is 2.5 inches in diameter and slightly elongated but I portrayed the cube sphere in its best light.
 Now to build a launcher.

Beers in the Fridge:
Harpoon UFO RAZ, Excellent, smells of raspberries, tastes of raspberries. Reminds me of a Belgium fruit ale. 4.8% ABV, 10 IBUs

Purchased a sample 6 pack from Saranac Brewery. The brewery is located in Utica, NY and they have tours.
Saranac American Pale Ale. 5.5% ABV 32 IBUs. It was fine.
Saranac Legacy IPA.  6.5% ABV 60 IBUs. Too hoppy,  too bitter.
Saranac Black Forest.  5.5%ABV 27 IBUs. Went well with the bratwurst at lunch. Just OK.
Saranac Lager - did not try yet, but looking at the label made me think of one of our vacations in the Adirondacks. In 1988 we stayed at Lake Vanare which is south west of Lake George on Rt 9N.

We visited Lake George, Fort William Henry, did some fishing and some swimming. The photo above was taken one morning when the Eldest and I were out for an early morning stroll.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Farewell July

Now it's really summer, in the 90s and humid. Le Tour has finished, what excuses will I find not to get things done now? In the garden tomatoes are being harvested, squash and cucumbers too.

Looks like my summer tradition of reading Travels with my Aunt by Graham Greene may be broken this year. The tradition seems to have started in 2004, though the Summer Read looks like a more recent trend. My favorite Summer Read of it was on the River boat on the Peruvian Amazon above Iquitos in 2015. Just like the main character Henry, though he was going up a river to Paraguay and there were no 2nd or 3rd class passengers on our spartan ship.
Just too many books to read for the first time. A whole slew of Inspector Maigret to catch up on and piles of books surrounding the bed and getting higher every week.

Current Blooms:
 A Dwarf Heather,  Glenmorangie, Calluna vulgaris, few pale lavender flowers, foliage turns orange in fall.
 A heath, but I don't know the name, from a big box store. There is also another similar, but with lavender and white flowers with the same upright form as this.
 Phlox, I try to remember to cut them back earlier in the season so they don't get too tall.
Dwarf Coreopsis

Beers in the Fridge:
Nothing new this month. Still have Sam Adams Porch Swing left over from Father's Day get together, that's how much I like them.
Also have Sixpoint Sweet Action, Sixpoint C.R.E.A.M., Boddingtons pub ale, Long Trail Mostly Cloudy and Brooklyn 1/2 Ale.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Ramones at the Queens Museum

Was dreading the drive and the hunt for parking, but there were no problems at all that day. It was another Grand Day out.

 Got to see the Uni-sphere from the 1964 World's Fair and we all had ice cream.

Saw the Ramones Exhibit.
 and Johnny's Marshall Stack, contract and riders specified straight cabinet  Marshall stack. The riders were interesting, but not as crazy as some other groups.

There were lots of photos and shirts and paraphernalia. This little 3D diorama was neat.

The museum also had a collection of Tiffany lamps.

And finally got to see the Panorama of the City of New York. This scale model of  NYC was also built for the 1964 Worlds fair and has been updated from time to time, though not since 9/11 since the World Trade Towers still stand.
Central Park in the photo above.
  Our house is in the lower right third in the photo above
 And here is the family farm, showing greenhouses #1 - #5 and #6 the largest.
The museum has an Adopt-a-Building program to help maintain the project.

Beers in the Fridge:

Boddington's Ale, a perennial favorite. 4.6% ABV, owned by these guys.

Long Trail Mostly Cloudy. 4.7% ABV 12 IBU. Unfiltered Belgium Witbier style, pleasant. Would purchase again.

Sixpoint C.R.E.A.M. 7.2% ABV 25 IBU. Brewed with coffee, has just enough coffee aroma and taste. Reminds me of cream soda. Would buy again to have lying around. A good way to start the day.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Start

Summer started earlier this week, no big plans in place, most of the staff is on holiday, don't expect much to get done. Only plans so far are to watch Le Tour de France, from July 2 till July 24. First leg starts near Mont-Saint-Michel and the race ends in Paris. It is more interesting than you may expect, the commentators are very knowledgeable, the scenery is beautiful, the spectators are a spectacle and the racing itself is fascinating. Watch it on NBC Sports.

Harvested 93 bulbs of garlic Saturday from the 95 cloves planted last October. Very odd since there are about 12 small heads that I replanted cause they were on the small side. Also did some weeding and pruning and did some re-potting as well.

Tomatoes, squash and herbs growing nicely.

Current Blooms:
For some reason, the Gentians have not bloomed. Very sad.

 Dwarf Hosta
 Red Twigged Dogwood
 Calluna Vulgaris "Alex Warwick" a heather.
Day Lillys are at their height

Beers in the Fridge:

As I said here, I have added Brooklyn 1/2 Ale to the rotation when I can find it.
Brooklyn 1/2 Ale:  3.4 % ABV, 33 IBUs?
    cloudy in the glass (yes a glass, I'm not a savage)
Sweet Action: 5.2 % ABV, 34 IBUs
    another returning favorite
Samuel Adams Porch Rocker: 4.5% ABV, 8 IBUs
    Their take on a Radler, a mix of beer and lemon aid flavors. Not horrible, but I won't need to buy this again. I would rather buy a Stiegl Radler. The shop near work sells this brand or maybe it is another from brand. I had bought a few bottles after our trip to Austria, but did not photograph the bottle.  Next week my mission will be to buy a bunch of Foreign Radlers.

A Nostradamus Moment:
After Britain's exit,  others will follow for the same poor reasons [Does the sentiment "Make Britain Great Again" ring a bell?],  Russia will grab additional small countries in an attempt to return to the good old days of the Soviet Union and then at some point war with a Reassembled Grabby Evil Soviet Empire will be inevitable. Or possibly war between EU states instigated by Russia's leaders.