Saturday, September 23, 2017

Last Summer's beers

This one was forgotten.

Beers in the Fridge:
 Montauk Watermelon Session Ale. 4.9% ABV 26 IBU. Nice cans, really like their design, clean, no bad puns and no nonsense.  Located at the tip of Long Island, not far from the Zum Schneider outpost. Never been to Montauk, google says 2.5 hours, but traffic on Long Island can be horrendous. Not much melon taste, but wasn't bad either.

Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose 4.2% ABV.  Tastes like I just threw up in my mouth. Maybe it went bad? You'd expect a Gose style beer, originated in Germany to have a sourness and brineyness to it, but this didn't even taste like beer. Didn't even get a hint of watermelon, just bad memories from the past.
Boulevard Brewing Company  American Kolsch 4.6% ABV 18 IBU.
Crisp and clean, perfect for summer, I want a hammock.
Brewed in KCMO, which sounds way cooler than saying you're from Kansas City Missouri.

Blue Point Summer Ale  4.5% ABV 19 IBU. Another Long Island offering. Tours at the brewery are free and even closer at only 1.5 hrs away which could still easily turn into 3 hellish hours. Fine.


So our Land Rover's side door would not close properly. Slamming it shut harder seemed to do the trick for awhile. Upon closer examination, the lower hinge seemed to be loose and pivoting on the upper hinge bolt.

Root Cause: Rust
The bottom bolt of the bottom hinge did not actually connect to anything other than rust. I had started to remove the sideframe, then called to order the part and the part had already been backordered for 6 months. So I cleaned up and POR-15'ed all the rust and bolted it back together with new hardware liberally smeared with anti-seize. I had added a metal plate and spacer tube (pipe nipple) to support the lower hinge, it seemed to work OK. A few weeks later I called to order the part so as to get on the list and the shipment had just arrived.
 Outside view: the hinge obscured some of the rust, while a thin facade of rust pretended to be solid metal below the hinge. Trying to lift the door to close it showed the weakness of the hinge connection.
 Inside of the lower hinge attachment location.
 Front end of the sideframe attached to the bulkhead. This was not too rusty and the bolts came off easy. The horizontal sections were not badly rusted.
At the back though there was a little rust.
OK, more than a little rust.
 There is a 5 inch piece of the horizontal section that I threw away. Over Engineering kept the rear quarter panel and the rear floor in place and sturdy.

Douse all nuts and bolts with anti-seizure/WD-41.5
Remove doors
Remove front seat belt brackets
Remove all nuts and bolts
Chistle off rivets on the inside of rear bodyside panel
remove side frame
remove side panel extension from side frame

1 - RCN831 sideframe (works for both a 110 and our 109)
1 - new stud plate
6 - 6mm x 12mm bolts
15 - 1.5 inch bolts and corresponding nuts
New bolts and stud plate at the front end of the side frame.
 New bolts at the top, no need for the seat belt bracket anymore.
 Crossbar connection and the top hinge nuts.
 Seatbase to sideframe connection, 6mm x 12mm bolts. 4 on this side, 2 on the front side.
 Rear sideframe to chassis connection and body to upper sideframe flange.
This section needs to be riveted to the bodyside.

Followup to come.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Home Maintenance Quiz #1

Home Maintenance Quiz #1

If you have a garden growing in your gutters and the added weight of vegetation and debris is causing them to pull away from the house, do you
a. Get them cleaned out.
b. Hope they produce something you enjoy eating.
c. Blame the neighbors.
Survey says, C is the correct answer!!

If the local city government plants a tree on city property do you
a. Take care of it as if it was your own.
b. Dig it up.
c. Dig it up and the replacement too.
Survey says, C is again the correct answer!!

If your roof's shingles may be slightly damaged, do you
a. Wait in hopes that the shingle fairy comes and does her magic.
b. Contact a professional.
c. Curse the neighbor for climbing on your roof in the middle of the night and pulling the shingles off. Don't forget to save shingles that Super Storm Sandy blew off as proof.
 Yes, again the correct answer is C!!

Did you get 100%?
No, then good for you.

Past Trip: California 2017

August 2 - 12, 2017
Original plan was to drive from LA to San Franciso via the Pacific Coast Highway. Heavy rains caused mud slides and the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge to be rendered unsafe and later demolished. The road closures around Big Sur required an in-land detour on Route 101. We skipped Big Sur, Carmel and Monterey and stopped at Moss Landing to kayak(Monterey Bay Kayaks) at Elkhorn Slough where we saw seals and sea otters before moving on to San Francisco.

Transportation: Mercedes Benz C63 AMG V8 bi-turbo
We had reserved a Jaguar XF, but evidentially that is not how reservations work. Our first thought was to rent a Jaguar F-type, but no way our bags would have fit.
Not that the C63 was a slouch or uncomfortable, but just wasn't what we wanted.

Total Miles: 1260, start 7115, end 8375
Gasoline: 54 gallons, $188, 22.5 MPG

Anaheim Marriot, Anaheim
Queen Mary, Long Beach
 We had a cabin in the second class area of the ship, we found that out on the tour we took. You could tell from the hall decor when passing from 1st class to second.
The porthole view was of the marina.

Fogcatcher Inn Hotel, Cambria
Room was quite large, a separate area for luggage and had a fireplace, which we didn't use. Breakfast was included.

Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco
This was the lounge in the common area, cookies and sherry was served every day after 4PM. Room was fine, WiFi was non existent in the room. You either sat in the hall of in the lounge if you wanted web access. Breakfast was included, though not as good as at the Fogcatcher Inn.

Holiday Inn Express, Grover Beach, near Pismo Beach
Clean and plenty of room. They had a nice pool, which we didn't use. Breakfast was included. They had a pancake making machine, I passed on that.

Pali-hotel, Los Angeles
Quite a nice hotel. Restuarant had good food but terrible service. Parking was in the basement.

Le Brea Tar Pits, LA
Abalone Cove Shoreline Park
 There were warning signs for rattlesnakes, but we didn't see any.

Queen Mary Tour
Venice Beach
Hearst Castle

  Lunch at the Ragged Point Inn There was a trail down from the cliff top to the water, but it was too far.

Elephant Seals on the beach, on the way back south to Cambria.

Moonstone Beach at Cambria.
There was a cliff top boardwalk and in a few locations, stairs down to the beach. We only got spashed as we walked on the beach, the water was freezing.

Japanese Garden at Golden Gate Park, SF

Botanic Gardens
We saw the dahlia gardens and some other plantings, but the conservatory was closed on the day we visited. There was free parking on some of the roads in the park, but we ended up in a garage.

Lands End, SF
 Golden Gate bridge from Lands End.

Muir Beach
The parking lot was partially full, the beach was a short walk away.

Muir Woods
 Short hike at Muir Woods to see the old growth coastal Redwoods. Took the wooden walkway on the way in and the higher trail on the way back. Parking here was difficult, all lots were full when we arrived, so we visited Muir Beach first and looked for parking on the way back. The smell in the woods was very pleasant.

Pismo Beach
Pismo Beach reminded us of the Jersey shore.  The photo below was from an area a bit north(Dinosaur Caves Park) of the beach, we parked on Ocean blvd and walked down stairs to the rocky shoreline.
After visiting the tide pools, we drove back to town and parked in the downtown lot and visited the beach itself. It was a very wide beach. I saw a whale's fluke while we were strolling.

Danish inspired town, about an hour south of Pismo, should have stayed here. Very touristy, but enjoyable none the less. Very good baked goods and lots of shops to peruse. We took Rt. 154 a very twisty and hilly road back south to Rt. 101. At one point traffic was down to one lane because it appeared a car went off the road.
Beach south of Mussel Shoals
 Jumped on US 1 again for a stretch and stopped for a stroll on the beach. There is an island off the shore connected by a causway, but it is really a man-made oil drilling platform.

California Science Center, Space Shuttle Endeavour, LA
The Space Shuttle was transported by road to the museum and it took 68 hours.
The final display will have the shuttle, external fuel tank and the 2 solid fuel rocket boosters set up in a vertical configuration looking ready for take-off and contained in a new building.

Warner Bros, Studio Tour, LA
 Good tour of the back lot and a sound stage.
Found out that everything is fake, the buildings, the rain, even rusty NYC fire escapes.

I'll expand at a later time.
Sir Winston's Restaurant on the Queen Mary.
The Sow's Ear, Cambria
Ragged Point Inn,  North of Cambria
Black Cat Bistro, Cambria
Cliff House, San Francisco
The Slanted Door, San Francisco
Plow, San Francisco
Suzu Noodle house, Japantown, San Francisco
Trois Mec, LA
The Hart and Hunter, in the Pali-hotel, LA

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Early July

Starting to get hot and muggy.

Harvested 66 heads of garlic June 23 from 82 cloves planted on October 6, 2016. Many are quite large heads, 6 are quite small and about 5 to 7 rotted in the ground. Fried up the scapes one or twice and they were used in a pesto as well.

Work is ongoing on Lump's side frame, the rear door bottom hinge was loose and it ends up the area has some rust. Replacement was the first choice, but the major part has been back ordered since January with no ship date in sight. The area will be cleaned up and painted with POR-15 and a bracket for the bottom hinge will be fabricated.

Current Blooms:

 Finally after 2 years the Hydrangea bloomed. It can stay.

 In the pyrethrum family.

 Planted Cilantro and it immediately went to seed. So no guacamole, but maybe we'll get coriander seed if I'm patient.

 Red Twig Dogwood.

 Coreopsis. Have  dwarf variety somewhere on the Estate, in a trough I think.


Day lilly

Beers in the Fridge:
Jammer from Sixpoint: 4% ABV 16 IBU. "balanced with a fruity coriander aroma and a touch of sea salt" so they say. My undiscerning pallet only picks up the touch of salt, but I like this anyway.
Hell or High Watermelon: 4.9% ABV 17 IBU. Second fermentation using fresh watermelon, you can taste the watermelon and it is not too strong. Good, but would probably try another watermelon brew.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Start of Summer

Bathroom faucet was dripping and Gunther [estate staff] had already changed the cartridges at least twice. It was replaced with a Delta Lorain 2 handle widespread faucet. Gunther related to me that the removal of the old faucet was at first a bit problematic, but became easier after some thought and installation was straightforward, but instructions in German would have been a help.

Current Blooms:
New Flowers
Coral Bell, Heuchera 'electra' The veins get redder towards the fall and the flowers are white. his should add some diversity to the front garden which already has 5 different Coral Bells, mostly shades of green.
 Chinook Hops, vast amount of information about this variety here. Was at the Farm store[Belle Mead Co-op] buying cedar mulch and felt compelled to check out what they had veggie-wise. We already are full up in our veggie garden, but had a look anyway and what did I find. Hops are used in brewing beer and can be used to brew tea to aide digestion and hops in your pillowcase is supposed to aid insomnia. Hops have anti-bacterial properties.
 Seapink, Armeria juniperifolia 'Bevan's Variety'
 Phlox paniculada 'Bartwentynine'
 Dianthus Lilac Eye
The plant looked fine till I replanted it. I'll add a photo when it is looking better.

Beers in the Fridge:
 Some guest beers this week. Met some friends down on the south shore and biked on the grounds of the Conference House Park. Afterwards we had Hungarian food "and some beers" and some Hungarian Palinka (fruit brandy), wow it was strong. A parting gift included the first four beers below and a sample bottle of Pear Palinka.
San Miguel, 5% ABV very good, from the Philippines. I just assumed it was Spanish.
Tyskie Gronie, Pale Lager 5.4% ABV Brewed in Poland. This one was good too.

Didn't yet try these.
City Steam a Hartford CT brew pub. Naughty Nurse Amber 5% ABV, They say "Brewed for a spicy, slightly bittersweet finish in the traditional English manner. Delicate malt caramel-like sweetness paired with traditional English hops. Our flagship ale! " Looking forward to this.

Cisco BrewersNantucket MA Whale's Tale Pale Ale 5.6% ABV English Style Pale Ale

These are my contribution, picked them up this week and brought a few along to the outing.
Flying Fish Farm House Summer Ale 4.6% ABV 15.1 IBU(quite precise) The brewery located in Somerdale, NJ has free tours on Saturdays and Sundays.
Magic Hat Circus Boy, The Heffeweizen 4.5% ABV 15 IBU. I like their #9 Not Quite Pale Ale, so I expect I should like this one as well.